Design-Build Replace Waterline and Support Bridge, Base Kodiak

USACE – Alaska Civil Works, USCG

Design-Build Replace Waterline and Support Bridge, Base Kodiak

Location: USCG Base Kodiak, Alaska

Value: $3,455,033

Completion: 2018

Scope of Work:

  • 65/95/100 Design Packages
  • Demolition
  • Abatement
  • Bridge Construction
  • Utility Upgrades
  • Permitting

STG Pacific was awarded a design-build contract to remove two 60+ year-old bridges and upgrade the associated Base Kodiak water main infrastructure. The portion of water main involved is the sole conveyance of drinking water for Base Kodiak and is critical to both the USCG community and the greater community of Kodiak. STG Pacific performed the construction in three phases:  1) demolition and remediation of Buskin Bridge #2, a 210’ World War 2 era bridge; 2) new construction of a 140’ waterline bridge and associated above/below ground utilities; and 3) demolition and remediation of the existing 120’ waterline bridge.

Buskin Bridge #2 Demolition. Spanning the Buskin River, this bridge was originally constructed using steel I-beams, timber deck/guardrail and a lead-based paint coating. Prior to demolition work, STG performed remediation of lead-based paint, structural evaluation. STG mobilized equipment via barge to Kodiak and successfully executed demolition of the bridge structure in 10 segments using a specialty long reach luffing 600-ton Liebherrad without accessing the airport.

New Waterline Bridge Construction. STG Pacific performed waterline utility system design and pre-fabricated waterline bridge procurement during the remediation and demolition of Buskin Bridge #2.  We phased the work to allow the 600-ton Liebherrad crane to set the new 140’ bridge in a single pick immediately after completion of the Buskin Bridge #2 demolition. Construction then began on the underground utilities related to the water main, including new fire hydrants, electrical systems and remote water metering capability. We fast-tracked the design and construction of the bridge abutments, completing the work four months prior to the remainder of the design and construction work needed for the waterline.

Existing Waterline Bridge Demolition. The final project phase was demolition of the existing waterline bridge, originally constructed in 1951. We performed remediation of lead-based paint, shoring tower design, and obtained an amended Fish Habitat Permit. We used in-river shoring towers to support the bridge while it was abated, cut into two segments and freed from the abutments. We removed the segments individually for further disassembly to maximize metal recycling.

Performance Highlights

  • Completed fast track project without any recordable injury/incident, five months ahead of the period of performance and with no harm to the environment in accordance with the Fish Habitat permits