Mooring Points Phase 4

USACE Alaska

Mooring Points Phase 4

Location: ​Kotzebue Alaska

Value: ​$1,930,667

Completion: 2017

Scope of Work:

  • Steel pile installation
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Remote logistics and barging

STG Pacific performed the installation of 38 mooring points for the offloading operations of fuel and shipping vessels. The mooring points consist of eight above-grade points (T bollards) and 30 below-grade points (exposed mooring chains). We installed the mooring points in three villages around the Kotzebue Sound area and six villages on the mid and upper Yukon River in accordance with requirements including the Clean Water Act, seismic and environmental (100-year flood event) codes. We provided the client with final as-built drawings at project completion.

Once onsite, STG Pacific encountered numerous changed conditions with pile locations conflicting with current bank conditions. We notified the client of the changed site conditions, identified alternate pile locations, and contacted local stakeholders affected by our proposed alternate locations. We obtained and documented stakeholder buy-in for presentation to the client who approved the alternate locations. To execute the changes, STG Pacific often moved equipment away from barge landing areas, complicating site logistics. Despite these complications, we completed the work with no change orders within 37 days and ahead of schedule

STG Pacific performed project and site management, safety and quality; and implemented stormwater best management practices, as well as erosion and sediment control. We worked with our sister companies, Brice Marine and STG Inc., to execute the work. Specifically, Brice Marine provided barging for crew, equipment and materials to each village construction location and STG Inc. provided pile driving equipment to include cranes and hammers as well as a pile driving crew experienced with the installation of previous mooring points along the Yukon River.

Performance Highlights

  • Completed the project ahead of schedule and with zero incidents or accidents
  • Received an Exceptional CPAR for quality