Construction workers meeting to discuss a job with the sunrise in the background.


Sparrevohn Long Range Radar Site Installation

Location: Sparrevohn, Alaska

Value: $11,912,845

Completion: 2020

Scope of Work:

  • Design-Build Construction
  • Decommission and Demolition of old structures

In 2019, STG Pacific (STGP) was awarded the “Sparrevohn Repair Diesel Bulk Storage” project by AFCEC and the 772D Enterprise Sourcing Squadron. The Sparrevohn Long Rang Radar Site (LRRS) installation is located in southwest interior Alaska approximately 200 miles west of Anchorage in the foothills of the Alaska Range. The 1,180-acre installation consists of a Lower Camp and an Upper Camp situated on a 3,300-foot mountain to the north.  STGP performed all work, new construction and demolition at the Lower Camp.

As prime contractor, STGP completed a new design of the tank farm that incorporated eight custom built tanks sized to fit inside an L-382 Hercules (HERC) for transport to this remote site. Our scope also included construction of civil site and structural pads for eight double-walled tanks, building and commissioning a new fuel reception installation at the North of the runway, new transfer pipeline between the fuel reception and bulk fuel storage tanks, a diesel fuel storage area capable of usable storage of 125,000 gallons, connection of fuel lines into the existing day tanks in the Industrial domes. STGP also decommissioned and demolished the existing tank farm, pipelines and other abandoned equipment and incidental related work.

Sparrevohn LRRS can only be accessed via a gravel airstrip via an air charter. To execute the project, 36 Hercules flights and over 50 personnel charters were scheduled to mobilize to the site.

Performance Highlights

  • Completed the project on budget
  • Completed the fieldwork with zero safety incidents while working in a remote area, where it can take a few hours for a Medivac to arrive