STGP Intern Scholarship Program Flyer final

STG Pacific Launches Program Focused on Workforce Development

STGP Intern Scholarship Program Flyer final

Recognizing the skills gap within the fields of engineering and construction, STG Pacific has decided to do its part to help close the gap, while supporting the mission of its Alaska Native parent company, Calista Corporation; to increase Shareholder benefits and economic opportunities through innovation, growth, leadership, execution, and financial discipline.

To this end, STGP has launched its Engineering Student and Intern Scholarship Program. Calista Shareholders enrolled in college with a major in engineering, construction, or surveying, now have the opportunity to access both scholarship monies as well as on the job experience.

“Workforce development is crucial to our future as a company, a state, and as a nation. We here at STG Pacific are excited to introduce this scholarship program to our Calista Shareholders, which offers them a path to a promising future in engineering and construction, ” said STGP General Manager, David Allen.

STGP is now accepting applications and hopes to have its first intern in-place by the fall of this year. For more information about this program, visit this link.