STGP Intern Scholarship Program Flyer final

Karina Quintans

STG Pacific Launches Program Focused on Workforce Development

Recognizing the skills gap within the fields of engineering and construction, STG Pacific has decided to do its part to help close the gap, while supporting the mission of its Alaska Native parent company, Calista Corporation; to increase Shareholder benefits and economic opportunities through innovation, growth, leadership, execution, and financial discipline. To this end, STGP… Read More

What a Blast!

STG Pacific is well into the business of building things for a variety of federal clients whether it’s a bridge, a large concrete foundation, or a specialized storage building to house wildlife specimens. But this year, STG Pacific has found itself at the B.F. Sisk Basalt Hill Quarry, carving out a name in the business… Read More

Serving our communities, our military, and the environment

At STG Pacific we are passionate about addressing the most complex construction challenges that ultimately serve our communities, our military, and the environment. Our recent project at Clear Air Force Station is a perfect example of the work we do as explained in the recent article “Ensuring Alaska’s Strong Military Future” in SAME’s The Military… Read More